Research Methodologies

Important Notice: Kindly do not send your research papers to Sir. Please do send me at Notice: “Every student is required to bring 3 research papers in tomorrow’s class. Out of 3 research papers, 1 should be from journal (reputed)”.


1. Need to bring Hard Copies of papers.

2. Papers should be related to the area of one’s working. 

Notice: There will be a quiz on 28-5-2014 Notice: Presentations will be held during the coming class i.e. 14 May, 2014

Papers CDs



Class Lecture Notes and Course Outlines




LEC04_A_12032014_D LEC04_B_Research Topic Example

LEC05_19032014_Formulation of Research Design journalstemp



LEC06_Abstract Example


LEC08_A_Reading Paper Reading Paper Example 1_29 Chiwiacowsky Reading Paper Example 2_47 Kamran 1 


  LEC09_HEC Plagiarism Policy  LEC09_Little Book of Plagiarism  LEC09_Sources of Literature Review_1 

LEC09_Sources of Literature Review_2 


LEC14_28052014_D LEC15_04062014_D(New)

A survey of multidisciplinary design optimization methods in launch vehicle design

ME5703_Research Methodologies_18022014

Text and Reference Book

RESEARCH DESIGN 2nd Edition Jackson Research Methods Modular Approach 2nd txtbk Your_Research_Project,_1st_Ed,_2001,_Nicholas_Walliman

An interesting Article

5 thoughts on “Research Methodologies

  1. Well this course is so productive and will help us in research … This will teach us ethics of research which Pakistani researcher lack.

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